September 22, 2017 chris

and it goes on… Urban Urtyp

To switch the genre each and every time, to place the musicians in an highly challenging sonic ambience, to do concerts exclusively on sundays, to set a fixed entry fee no matter how known or unknown the performing artist is…
…doesn’t sound like a successful concept for a concert series.

But it eventually is as the proof is in the pudding.

Going strong for more than 7 years Urban Urtyp opens the gates again and opens the cube for concert #56 on September 24.

Looking back at captivating nights with bands as Me and my drummer, Alice Franics, Kreidler, Cigarettes after Sex, Carlos Cipa, Portico, Hauschka, Emika, Coma and dozens more makes us proud to be a contributing partner.
Looking ahead at the coming season excites us as we already know about what’s going to happen.

So if you’re into spending a night with interesting music in an spectacular environment you should rethink your Sunday schedule.

Please make sure to check the Urban Urtyp website for coming dates, tons of pictures, tickets, reviews of what took place and if you’d like to add a little more juice say Hello to the team.

Emika – Urban Urtyp with bassmusic
Cigarettes after Sex – tender music in a special ambience

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