When you're all about the bass...

Ampeg Heritage SVT-CL

  • 1 channel with 300 watts
  • parametic EQ on 220, 450, 800, 1.6K and 3K Hz
  • Transformer balanced line out
Assembled in the USA, featuring a sextet of Winged C 6550C tubes and a set of JJ pre-amp tubes this amp defines the sound that made Ampeg… Period!

Ampeg SVT 3 PRO

  • 1 channel amp with 450 Watts at 4 Ohms
  • bass-middle-treble EQ & graphic EQ
  • MOSFET poweramp
Reliable, versatile and sounding great. What’s more to ask for?

Ampeg SVT 4 PRO

  • 490-Watts x 2/1200 (mono-bridged @ 4 Ohms)
  • bass-middle-treble EQ & 9-band graphic EQ
  • 3 tube (12AX7) poweramp
More power. Pretty much goes to 11.

Ampeg SVT 7 PRO

  • 1 channel amp with 1000 Watts at 4 Ohms
  • onboard variable compressor
  • Class D poweramp
The latest installment of the SVT series.

Ashdown ABM 500 EVO III

  • 1 channel head with 575 watts
  • bass-middle-treble EQ
  • sub-harmonic generator & drive
The certain British bass-tone coming with lots of usable features.

Gallien Krueger MB150S-112 III

  • 1 channel combo with 150 watts
  • 12″ ceramic speaker
  • RB800 inherited EQ design
The third generation of the go-to amp for small clubs and / or double bass.

Gallien Krueger 1001RB MK II

  • solid state amp with 700 watts
  • 4/5-String Voicing Filter & active EQ
  • controllable DI Out
Maybe the most versatile 19″ amp out there. Great sound included.

Orange Terror Bass 500

  • 1 channel valve / transistor head with 500 watts
  • bass-middle-treble EQ
Don’t be fooled by its size. This bread & butter amp suits nearly all situations




Ampeg SVT 115E

  • 1 x 15“ LF Drivers
  • 200 Watts RMS
  • 8 Ohms Impedance
Typical 15″ characteristics meet with the well known Ampeg signature sound.

Ampeg SVT 410HE

  • 4 x 10“ LF Drivers
  • 500 Watts RMS
  • 8 Ohms Impedance
It’s being said that the USA models of this 410 cab are much better sounding than the “younger ones”. Couldn’t agree more…

made in the USA

Amepg SVT 810E

  • 8 x 10“ LF Drivers
  • 800 Watts RMS
  • 4 Ohms Impedance
The “fridge”. Simply our most requested bass cabinet.

made in the USA

Ampeg SVT 215E

  • 2 x 15“ LF Drivers
  • 400 Watts RMS
  • 4 Ohms Impedance
Very rare piece that gives you that warm, vintage “zeppelin” sound.

Ashdown MAG410T

  • 4 x 10“ LF Drivers & Horn HF Driver
  • 450 Watts RMS
  • 8 Ohms Impedance
A winning team with the Ashdown ABM 500 EVO III.

Eden D115 XLT

  • 1 x 15“ LF Driver & Y-Horn HF Driver
  • 400 Watts RMS
  • 4 or 8 Ohms Impedance
The deep end that you’ll need on Reggea stages. Goes well with upright basses, too.

Gallien Krueger NEO 410

  • 4 x 10″ NEO speakers
  • 1000 Watts RMS
  • 4 or 8 Ohms Impedance
Highend 410 cab which, when used with the GK1001RB II extends the sonic possibilities a lot by selectively mixing the woofers with the horns.

Orange OBC410

  • 4 x 10“ LF Drivers & Horn HF Driver
  • 600 Watts RMS
  • 8 Ohms Impedance
Due to the heavy enclosure you’ll get some extra punch out of this beast. Great for all “…core” genres of music.



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