September 18, 2017 chris

Some not-so-common microphones

Microphones are a lot of fun. Especially when used in a way that makes it easier for you to deliver good sound. Through the years we have stumbled upon some models that may be a little uncommon but do the job very well. Like the following…


This dynamic cardioid microphone is my go-to-tool when it comes to kick drums in a live environment. Place it facing the beater and you’re done. Further equalization is barely needed as you get full body subs and nice high(er) accent on the kick itself. I’d recommend it to any rock-ish bass drum there is.
Above that: the workmanship is incredible. I’m certain, that it’s solid enough to beat a nail into a wall.


The RB500 is a ribbon microphone of Thomanns home brand „t.bone“. Real good workmanship, a very special sound and very (very, very) inexpensive.
You won’t want to use it on everything as the tone coming out of this bold baby is pretty much colored. You can call it „warm“. But used in the right environment and for the right purpose it is very useful.
Like if you want to take away the harshness out of sizzling cymbals and give them a more rough and vintage vibe.


A large-diaphragm cardioid condenser that just works great on extreme SPLs and a lot of dynamic. Usually used on snare or guitar cabinets. The highs aren’t overhyped and the delivered tone holds a well amount of body.
Same goes for the use on acoustic instruments. An open & natural sound combined with nice mids equal a goto mic for these.

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